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Market Research Malaysia provides a variety of B2B market research and management consulting services for clients exploring, entering, and growing in the Malaysian market.

Are you facing any of these issues?

Are you giving up on market sizing because your market is too niche?

Applying the same business plan to different SEA markets?

Are you making business decisions based on unverified information from Google?

Are you building business plans simply based on macro data?

Instead, ensure your business success by:
  • Getting a 360 degree understanding of your local market through multiple data sources
  • Obtaining local insights through ground work and test marketing before rushing into market entry
  • Receiving strong support in all business functions from relevant experts
We can help you achieve business success


360 degree approach to local markets

We own several of our own businesses and do principal investments in a wide range of industries, giving us a unique advantage.

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Local Presence and Insights

We are able to provide local insights pertaining to local market trends & business practices as we have local offices in more than 20 locations.

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Expertise in all business functions

Our consulting team comprises of professionals from top-tier companies such as Mckinsey & BCG, providing insights beyond superficial research.

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01. 360 degree approach to local markets

We invest and operate several businesses of our own, in a wide range of industries,
giving our consultants a vast network of regional connections.

MULTIPLE APPROACHES TO MARKET EXPERTS Our consultants have a multi-faceted approach to reaching out to market experts and stakeholders - as both consultants and business owners.

PRACTICAL INSIGHTS TO BUSINESS Our experiences from managing real-life businesses give us unique, first-hand insights into business management which we can translate into practical recommendations for our clients.
02. Local Presence and Insights

Conducting research in local languages allows us to obtain deeper insights that might otherwise be lost in translation






SEA: Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam
East Asia: China, Hong Kong, Japan
Others: India, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Europe, USA
03. Expertise in all business functions

Our consulting team comprises of highly experienced professionals from diverse backgrounds

Professional Know-how
Industrial Know-how
Service Offerings

Market Size/Trends

Content Services MR 2020 Content Services MR 2020 100% 10 Assess market size/trends based on collected information from key stakeholders, including micro/macro economic as well as related industry factors. tautan disalin ke papan klip., siapa saja dengan link bisa mengedit. Assess market size/trends based on collected information from key stakeholders, including micro/macro economic as well as related industry factors.

Industry Structure

Comprising numerous players in the local market in the taget industry, we offer clarity on the local distribution network and focus on identifying problems/gaps that are arising among major players.

Company Structure

Classify the local corporate structure of the taget company based on primary and secondary research.

Competitive Intelligence

Grasp locall business of target companies (sales trends / promotions / partnerships / sales channels)

Qualitative Research

We form and implement different interview methods (e.g. face to face interviews / consumer survey / products use test / Telephone survey / mystery shopper).

Quantitative Survey

We organize Street Survey / Internet Survey with the layout and development of the research methodology, and reporting of results / findings

Customer Understanding

Interview future / current customers to perceive their needs and service requirements, decision-making structures and existing vendors, map current / new product offering to unexplored / existing segments.

Channel Understanding

Screening of information and data of channel partners / distributors and related stakeholders that are publicly or directly available.

Opportunity Assessment

Analyze all achievable market entry / growth opportunities and examine using a matrix to score attractiveness of all the market entry / growth options based on described benchmark.

Key Recommendations

Thotough market entry / growth / business acceleration strategy / plan with the timeline, impact and recommendations on product portfolio, positioning, as well as client priorities.


Create a long list of channel partners / M & A candidate companies in the target area, and screen for relevant candidates to ensure the quality of targets identified in the long list.