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Malaysia Pharmaceutical Industry to Go Global
14 Oct 2021   |   Malaysia

Malaysia’s pharmaceutical industry is expected to grow significantly, as domestic companies establish knowledge transfer from globally proven benchmarks

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The Vibrant Malaysia Fintech Ecosystem
30 Sep 2021   |   Malaysia

Malaysia experiences a boom in the fintech industry with layered opportunities and a large market share landscape.

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Malaysian Islamic Financial
The Rapid Growth of Malaysian Islamic Financial Sector
31 Aug 2021   |   Malaysia

The Islamic financial system in Malaysia had shown a positive resilience during the pandemic, reaching over 37 percent of the country's banking sector.

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Malaysia to Accelerate the Implementation of Digital Economy
Malaysia to Accelerate the Implementation of Digital Economy
06 Jul 2021   |   Malaysia

The digital economy in Malaysia would allow economic activities to leverage information and technology as the essential element in production and business.

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Financial Service
Malaysia to Position Financial Service Sector as a Growth Engine
21 May 2021   |   Malaysia

As Malaysia regains its economy through government policy support and the rollout progress of the COVID-19 vaccine, the government is trying to project sustainable and responsible growth through economic financing.

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