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Seize the extensive opportunities in technology, media and telecommunications industry in Malaysia.

Malaysia Media and Telecommunications Consulting
Malaysia Telecommunications Consulting Company
The Malaysian market has solid growth fundamentals. The government of Malaysia is also nurturing the country to be regional service hub. Key priority areas include creative technology, IoT, cloud computing, as well as Big Data Analytics.

The development of the internet and mobile access is the key factor to understand the current trends in the industry. Internet access in the country was recorded to grow at 13.4% CAGR between 2014-2019, followed by internet advertising (12.7%), out of some advertising (10%), video games (7.4%), and TV advertising (4.4%).

Market Research Malaysia is committed to helping you thrive in the promising technology, media & telecommunication industry in Malaysia. We offer advisory services across many areas such as IoT, Big Data, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, digital media, augmented and virtual reality, advanced analytics, and 5G network. With our deep understanding of the market, we will give critical insights for clients to grow in the market.

Our Key Service Offerings

Malaysia Market Intelligence

We get our hands dirty to support our clients with evidence-based insights. Combine with our Malaysian marketplace insights, we guide clients to anticipate changes in market demands as well as competitive threats.

Malaysia Market Entry

We consider several actionable options and cut down financial uncertainty for our clients by providing relevant market informations, including competitors, customers, partners, channels, and suppliers.

Malaysia Competitive Intelligence

We analyse local market competition and learn from best practices to reduce costly omissions and reinventions. We make sure clients gain unique advantage by discovering remaining blind spots, unexplored opportunities and developments in the industry.

Malaysia Customer Intelligence

Buying trends, demographics and behavior will be analyzed by our expert team to give strategic inputs in the creation of new products.

Our Success Stories

Opportunity Analysis for Facilities Management in Malaysia

Building in-depth industry analysis for Malaysian Property Developer an in-depth analysis of 10 industry sectors, namely Oil & Gas piping, Airports, etc.


Our Success Stories

Regional Site Selection Feasibility and Cost Analysis

YCP Solidiance re-assessed location of Asian processing facility based on increased volumes and analyzed processing operational costs, transportation time and costs, as well as duty/tax implications.



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