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Uncover the potential growth in Malaysian construction industry both in residential and non-residential, as well as in the promising infrastructure industry.

Malaysia Construction Consulting
Malaysia Infrastructure Consulting Company
Construction will see an expected moderate growth. The sector is projected to be worth around RM 70 billion. The growth is supported partly by the received mega projects, such as the 640 km East Coast Rail Link (ECRL).

Ths 2020 budget spending on infrastructure also remained strong. Besides transport infrastructure, the government also allocated approximately RM 580 million for rural water projects, mainly located in Sabah and Sarawak.

Our construction and infrastructure advisory services cover Malaysia's rapidly growing market in various areas, including smart city infrastructure, digitalization in construction, sustainable infrastructure, urban development, green cities, smart buildings, HVAC, and many more. We have experience in working with different players in this industry, giving us the skill to advise clients to achieve steady growth.

Our Key Service Offerings

Malaysia Market Intelligence

We get our hands dirty to present evidence-based insights for clients to deal with changes in market demand and future market competitive threats.

Malaysia Market Entry

We measure feasible choices and minimize financial uncertainty for clients by giving comprehensive informations on competitors, customers, channels, partners, suppliers and other related market dynamics.

Malaysia Competitive Intelligence

We analyse Malaysian market competition, gain insights from practical experiences to avoid costly breaches. We guarantee strategic advantage for clients by exploring unaddressed opportunities, room for improvement, and competitors' blind spots.

Malaysia Customer Intelligence

Our expert team will provide analysis of customers’ buying trends, behavior and demographic for strategic input in new products development.

Our Success Stories

Opportunity Analysis for Facilities Management in Malaysia

Building in-depth industry analysis for Malaysian Property Developer an in-depth analysis of 10 industry sectors, namely Oil & Gas piping, Airports, etc.


Our Success Stories

Regional Site Selection Feasibility and Cost Analysis

YCP Solidiance re-assessed location of Asian processing facility based on increased volumes and analyzed processing operational costs, transportation time and costs, as well as duty/tax implications.



Malaysia Pharmaceutical Industry to Go Global

Malaysia’s pharmaceutical industry is expected to grow significantly, as domestic companies establish knowledge transfer from globally proven benchmarks

The Vibrant Malaysia Fintech Ecosystem

Malaysia experiences a boom in the fintech industry with layered opportunities and a large market share landscape.

Malaysian Islamic Financial
The Rapid Growth of Malaysian Islamic Financial Sector

The Islamic financial system in Malaysia had shown a positive resilience during the pandemic, reaching over 37 percent of the country's banking sector.

Malaysia to Accelerate the Implementation of Digital Economy
Malaysia to Accelerate the Implementation of Digital Economy

The digital economy in Malaysia would allow economic activities to leverage information and technology as the essential element in production and business.

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