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Discover numerous market opportunities and identify emerging trends to win in the Malaysian automotive industry.

Malaysia Automotive Consulting Company
Malaysia Automotive and Mobility Consulting Firm
The automotive industry in Malaysia is on the rise, proving itself as one of the key industries in the country. It contributes more than 4% of Malaysia's total GDP. Located in the Southeast Asia region, home to more than 500 million population, Malaysia offers great opportunities for global automotive and also component manufacturers to build manufacturing and distribution operations in the country.

Our expert advisors will provide services that cover several areas, including digitalization in automotive, commercial, and passenger vehicles, Malaysia helps automotive players to penetrate the local market and succeed in the Malaysian automotive sector.

Our Key Service Offerings

Malaysia Market Intelligence

We are able to provide evidence-based market insights by getting our hands dirt and obtaining hands-on experiences. Combined with our Malaysian marketplace insights, we guide clients in anticipating rapid shift of market demands and identify emerging competitive threats.

Malaysia Market Entry

We evaluate options and reduce financial uncertainty for clients through mapping competitors, channels, customers, partners, suppliers and other market dynamics.

Malaysia Competitive Intelligence

We analyse Malaysian market competition and grasp informations from best practices, escaping from costly omissions and reinventions. We guarantee that our clients will obtain strategic advantage by discovering competitors’ blind spots, taking advantage on unaddressed opportunities and developing on others’ successes.

Malaysia Customer Intelligence

Our team studies the customers’ buying trends for creating strategic input to develop new products and mapping targeted customers’ demographics and behavior through buyers’ persona.

Our Success Stories

Opportunity Analysis for Facilities Management in Malaysia

Building in-depth industry analysis for Malaysian Property Developer an in-depth analysis of 10 industry sectors, namely Oil & Gas piping, Airports, etc.


Our Success Stories

Regional Site Selection Feasibility and Cost Analysis

YCP Solidiance re-assessed location of Asian processing facility based on increased volumes and analyzed processing operational costs, transportation time and costs, as well as duty/tax implications.



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Digital solutions are much needed in Malaysia’s current landscape as the country opens its borders to welcome visitors.

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